Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caaandyyy.... :-)

Do you know these Days, when you get up thinking: oh, today it would be better if I stay in bed??? Actually this morning was one of these.

And now some hours later I checked my Candy Bar and realized that I won some Candy!
My first Candy EVER!!! I'm so excited! :-) I've changed my mind... This is a GREAT day!

I won at Floral Fantasies. A really lovely Blog with Cards and other Craft work by Brenda.

Here you can see the post.

Thank you again so much, Brenda. I cannot wait to see what is inside the Candy package. I will certainly leave a new post, when I get it!

So right know I've got a BIG Smile on my face!
As some of us say: If I wouldn't have ears,
I would be smiling in a circle... ;-)

liebe Grüße,

PS: I just burned my dinner while writing this, but who cares, I like chocolate ( & Candy) better anyway...


Clau2411 said...

GLÜCKWUNSCH!! Freu mich riesig für dich!!!

craftymum said...

Congrats on your win
Love sarah XXx